Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 Recap

{monthly highlights}
January brought much snow and the continuation of a very long winter for Minnesotans. It also brought no real goals for myself, in years past I had made resolutions but this year nothing happened, no resolutions or goals were set, made or delivered. January also brought around the 125th year of the Minnesota Winter Carnival, I happily attended & enjoyed the winter wonderland and events that are entrenched in Minnesota history. My fabulous friend Carm visited Curly Locks & I for a action packed weekend of tea, flowers, and Minnesota walks in March. I continuted to job search and I finally received a call back, two interviews and several weeks later I turned in my resignation at the catering job I had been with since I graduated college. The Monday after Easter, April 25th I started a new job in the industry of my degree, goodbyes & starting new are bittersweet. With the new job came professional clothing, different hours, being able to wear painted nails and knowing I had to say no to my tentative Colorado summer vacation. April also brought my first Swarm LaCross game (I am attracted to the little known sports) & throwing a wedding shower for my engaged roommate. Most of my May was spent packing up the apartment I spent a year at living with two amazing women. I moved back home to mom & dads for 2 months before moving in August to a house with two friends. July brought my 27th birthday & a new DSLR camera for myself (Happy Birthday) and a fun day with family at the cabin. I watched the Bison defeat the Gophers and happily cheered on my alma mater to victory while tablegating in October. Another roommate became engaged in December and I was honored to attend the engagement party and accept her request to stand as her maid of honor. 

{new loves}
New found loves were devoloped in 2011. I feel in love with all things Trader Joe's, Vaseline became my favorite chapstick and beauty product all around. I discovered after 26 years of not liking cold sandwiches Jimmy (Johns) makes tasty sandwiches plus they are super fast *wink*. I fell more and more in love with social media - yes I jumped on the blog wagon (hello xanga) and facebook long ago but I feel in love with Twitter, Instagram & pinterest this year in particular. Not sure how I could be anymore social media-ish in 2012 that I already am. 

{personal lessons learned} 
Sometimes paint chips lie and they don't look anything like the sample. I still need to work on personal organization and anti-procrastination, it's a work in progress. After yearning for 3 years to wear something besides an ugly catering uniform to work and then having to pick out clothes each morning I realized sometimes uniforms are easier.

{new 2011 experiences} 
Jumped on twitter, pinterest & the instagram bandwagon. Attended my first ugly sweater party in December. I became more involved at church going from 2 Sundays serving in children's ministry & small group leader to 3 Sundays in children's ministry, small group leader and church wedding coordinator. Attending the Minnesota Swarm lacrosse game and the Minnesota Roller Girls bout. Blog ornament exchange, I had so much fun with this. 

 2011 was everything & nothing I imagined it to be. I'm not sure what 2012 will hold but I am looking forward to finding out. I *may* even make 2012 resolutions/goals. 

 Will you be making any 2012 resolutions or goals this coming year?

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