Behind the Blog

The Girl behind the Blog

{About Me}

Saint Paul, Minnesota
I am Becca, the girl behind the blog, I am a midwest girl through & through and dearly love my Minnesota way of life. I may be Minnesotan but don't toss around the "Yeah sure you betcha" it is pop, not soda, and hotdish or casserole I care not. I will never get tired of the views of St. Paul and Minneapolis these two cities I love dearly and are jewels in the rough untold treasures can be found and made here. I love my friends & family and am a daughter of Christ, I daily need to remember that I am here to glorify God and live for Him alone.

I love to travel whether it is discovering more of my beloved Minnesota or miles, flights and far distances away. I fill my moments with friends, family, and good food I love baking, cooking, photography, and crafts.

{Why Blog?}

I blog so I can share with others my successes, mistakes & misadventures in every part of life through travel, love, kitchenry, while creating and living life to the fullest. It is said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." There is beauty in every life, and every moment I wish to share that with everyone and bring a little more joy to others.

Whatever life may bring me I wish to share it with others.