Monday, March 28, 2011

Beautiful Minnesota Company

A few weekends ago my lovely friend Carm flew in and spent four days with Curly Locks and I. We crammed so much into our weekend that by Sunday we found ourselves passed out in various locations of a St. Paul apartment trying to rejuvenate ourselves.

Days were filled with St. Patty's Day celebrations, sipping coffee, visiting cities, climbing 700 stairs of Stillwater, drinking coffee, cooking meals, The Kings Speech, took long walks, visited the Russian Museum, shopped IKEA, visited Mall of America and enjoyed ourselves.

 A walk along the Mississippi River. At this point the river was at 5 feet over the normal levels.
(Currently - 2 weeks later the river is at 17 1/2 feet with cresting expected soon)
Lake Calhoun
It really was a beautiful, beautiful weekend. Beautiful memories I will treasure, laughs that were long over due and lots of conversations. Beautiful. 

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  1. Thanks for the memories! These pictures are lovely:)