Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Life has been busy. Busy at work. Busy with friends. Busy at church. Busy with family. 
Busy. Busy.Busy. 

I have been trying to spend more time reading books & less time online. In the last few years I had realized that I read less books and more online content. Reading more online content is not a bad thing at all - but I missed books. A few weeks ago my co-worker brought me in a huge bag of books - it was like Christmas. I am slowly reading more books and enjoying it immensely. But I miss reading blogs too. Where is the balance? 

Remember that time I talked about how slow I am to discover & join anything new? I discovered 'Bringing Sexy Back' 2 years two late {embarrassing right?}  Remember that one post I confessed my love for twitter? Over a year later I am twitterpatted even more - but it gets worse - much worse... I have finally joined the club.
Here's a shamless plug.. follow me on twitter & become my tweep... I know sounds ridiculous right?

My fair weather list has many more adventures that need to be completed but i am so excited for everything fall. Falling leaves, apple cider, pumpkin delights, apple orchards, fall colors. jeans & sweat shirts. Oh fall I have missed you. 

What fall activities are you looking forward to?
How do you play catch up when life gets busy?

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