Thursday, September 15, 2011

Insta-Friday - Happy Weekend!

It's that time again... 
{ok so I just felt like i was on a game show}
this week has been flying by with crazy, fun, busy moments
The weather in Minnesota went from 90s on Tuesday down to 
50s & 60s on Wednesday & Thursday. 
However I am choosing to be blessed & happy whatever the weather.

::: Anyway back to Insta-Friday :::
You know the drill - take cellphone pics throughout the week
of your week and post them on Friday. 
No need to have instagram just no fancy cameras :)

Ok so this weeks prompt was take a picture of something you can't live without... 

{So this is not my bed but I thought I would help you imagine}
Imagine a big comfy bed full of pillows and warm sheets. 
I love my bed & how comfy it is but I really love what a refuge it is and how I love
to jump in to it in the evening after a long day, how I can hunker down down with a good movie or book, how it provides the right support (hardy har har), and is inviting. 

Bible study Saturday morn at Panera
The chai tea latter was amazing
The company - even better
God is good & blesses me abundantly
Coffee date with a friend
It was a gorgeous day so we sat outside for one of the last times of the season, 
I ordered probably my last Mocha Coconut Frappacino

Movie night with the family
homemade popcorn is always the way to go

Coconut M & Ms
I have been looking for these for weeks
I finally found them in a small gas station & bought several packs 
{8 to be exact}
I have only ate one so far
These are seriously the best thing created

Local Farmers Market
I went to the farmers market thinking since it was the end of season 
maybe they would have less selection & dwindling supplies.
I was WRONG they had an abundance - maybe even more than I had seen during the entire summer!

I bought egg plants & zucchini
I have a new found love for egg plant

Bath & Body Works Fall Collection

recently new job + change in season + whole new wardrobe = shoe need
I am hoping these shoes will help get me through fall/winter/spring in snowy Minnesota
But my feet may freeze, but I have to look professional. 
I am also surrounded by heel wearing girls - I like flats.
But flats make me short, 
I am already short {5'1.5"} but I also need to make sure my pants aren't dragging. 
I need to be somewhere between business casual & business professional. 

That was my week in pictures. 
My favorite thing about this week was the time I was able to spend with family & friends. 
What what your favorite moment this week?
How will you be spending your weekend?


  1. luv Starbucks too!! and that bed looks so warm and snuggly!!!

  2. That bed looks SO comfy! And, Mocha Cocunut Fraps are the BEST! I am a ballet flat kind of girl also...i don't wear heels because I am 5'9 and don't want to tower over people :)

  3. I love farmers markets and I'm so sad when they close up after the growing season. Cute shoes. Hope your feet don't freeze

  4. Oh, now I want a chai tea latte-ummm!

  5. Totally understand the shoe dilemna. I live in SD and I often have icy toes. The things we do for love of shoes!

  6. Those are some heels there careful with those things.

  7. Wow, I want to try that M&M's coconut I will surely be in a lookout over here in my neck of the woods. Hopefully it's available here.

    And I love B&B almost if not all there products smells so Yummmy!

    I found your blog from Instafriday and now following you. :) Hope you has a lovely weekend.


    jeands (

  8. Looks like you had a yummy week filled with much love.

  9. Hi!! Came across your blog from Life Rearranged and LOVE it. :) following you now!! Love your bible study at Panera! what are you studying?

  10. Like I said before, check out Indigo by Clark shoes. They are a little spendy but well worth the money. Comfortable and winter friendly. They usually have good treads on the bottom for being adorable heals. They usually have a wider heal base on them as well so they are sturdy.