Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girls heading North: Bayfield

Here is the final (second) post to recap the glorious Girls Heading North mini series of my small & short but glorious little fall excursion. {Part 1 - Duluth can be found here}
We arrived in Bayfield late in the afternoon and decided to head right on over to Madeline Island where we were staying for the next two evenings. We checked in to the hotel and proceeded to drive around Madeline Island. If the colors were beautiful in Duluth, they were gorgeous in Bayfield/Madeline Island. 
We also started looking for someplace to eat supper at. Madeline Island, also known as La Pointe Wisconsin is mostly a tourist vacation spot. Madeline is the biggest island in the chain of Apostle Islands.  Madeline Islands' population ranges from 220 in the winter to a whooping 2500 in the summer. Most of the homes on Madeline are summer homes. 
Tom's Burnt Down Cafe
After driving around half the island we decided to park and visit a few of the local restaurants and establishments. We finally decided upon a local watering hole, Tom's Burnt Down Cafe was the lucky winner of the night. Let me tell you we did not choose this place for their award winning food or the fact that they were clean. If ever you were looking for a place that all the locals went to this was the place,  The place consisted of a old semi trailer as the kitchen and bar area, most of Tom's Burnt Down Cafe is located outside with a big tarp as the tent covering about a third of the entire cafe, in the back at the "entrance" there were two wood burning stoves going (keep in mind it was 40 degrees). In the "interior" every quote and never sold garage sale item finds its home here at Tom's. There were no words to exactly describe this place, but it did not seem to fit in Wisconsin, but we did enjoy this eclectic place none the less.  

Saturday was the big Apple Fest, we headed back on over the ferry to Bayfield and disembarked and immediately started looking at wares. We met up with some friends and headed about 10 miles out to of Bayfield to the Hauser Winery for complimentary wine tasting as well as some free apples. At the winery Fiery C & I had the most amazing smoked pulled pork, were able to check out the view of Lake Superior from their barn loft, sample apple wines, and walk in the woods. 

 Hausers' "Superior" View (har har har)
We ended the day with a glorious sunset over Lake Superior and star gazing. 
{Big Bay State Park}

We ended the weekend with a quick jaunt around Big Bay State Park. The day was simply gorgeous, the warmest of the entire weekend. It was amazing to see the large rock shore underneath the crystalline waters, simply gorgeous. 

It was a beautiful end to a beautiful weekend. 

Smiley, Incognito, & Squinty 

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