Saturday, October 9, 2010

Girls heading North: Duluth

Fiery C, Curly Locks and I rolled into Duluth late into the evening after checking into our hotel we walked along the boardwalk making our way to Fitgers for super, where we all partook in the best burger I have every had, a wild rice burger, the pattie was PURE wild rice and so delicious. Fiery C had a flight of beer (they were shot size), Fitgers makes their own microbeers, as well as the Lake Superior Oatmeal Stout Syrup from several months ago.

Our hotel was located right on the lake and the following morning the sight from our hotel room window was utterly gorgeous with a slight haze over the lake. Unfortunately the rain and drizzle came and camped out over Duluth for the morning but that did not stop 3 midwest girls from showing Fiery the rest of the town.

We drove along beautiful tree lined streets bursting with colors

We did a driving tour of Duluth downtown as well as ended up at the beach. The beach in Duluth is such a difference from the rest of Duluth.
Fiery C & Curly Locks on the beach

A storm brewing in Duluth

We ventured up to Enger Tower, saw magnificent views and beautiful trees. And rung the peace bell .... several times.

 Pretty soon it was good bye Duluth and hello scenic drive to Bayfield. 

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