Monday, March 3, 2014

A Banner Week

Mondays tend to get a bad rap; I'm not necessarily sure why that is - maybe because it's the first day back at work for most individuals, the start of a 5 day working stretch, or maybe saying goodbye to carefree weekend days? Either way I tend to dread Mondays and everything it entails with the shriek of an alarm to begin the day, work that may have piled up over the weekend or just starting the week over again and hitting 'reset'. 

This week I vow it will be different. This week it will be a banner week and how can it not be when the week is jam packed with fun events like dinner with the family, dinner + coffee + dessert with a dear friend, date night with a cute boy, a benefit to raise money for a wonderful family with cancer expenses, and a workshop day with coworkers. 

Yes this week will be a banner week. 

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