Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musings

1. This weekend I took the weekend off of social media and loved it. It was so refreshing and made me utilize my phone for the purpose of a phone - phone calls & texts. No facebook or instagram checking for this girl.  A few weeks ago I actually removed the facebook app from my phone all together and made me realize how wonderful it was. I love social media; but it is also such a time suck and it's so easy to compare your life to others and feel like you don't measure up.

2. Lins & I attended the Imagine Dragon's concert a week ago in St. Paul. It was pretty amazing & fantastic.

Trader Joe flowers are always a yes

3. Fresh flowers from Trader Joe's haves been my jam lately. Apparently purple is also my spring color of choice.

A rare coffee + St. Paul on a gorgeous spring afternoon

4. In full transparency my love addiction for lattes, mochas and 'fancy coffee' has gotten a little out of control in the last year. Gone are the days were I would enjoy a latte here and there with a friend at Caribou. In the last year the addiction increased and it was becoming a 3-4 time a week occurrence. After much thought my roomie and I decided that drastic action was needed on our part and we decided to take a 6 week coffee shop fast. We did add a few 'rules' in to our fast but for the most part no grabbing coffee before work or just for the much need 'pick me up' only grabbing coffee if it facilitated community and friendship.  It's now been a month and I have started to like regular brewed coffee pot coffee (with flavored creamer of course) and have forced myself to be more creative with coffee and teas.

The rare mocha and lattes are more of a treat now instead of a necessity. I'm hoping once the fast is over I will be able to practice better self control where Starbucks, Caribou and Dunn Bros are concerned.

5. My beloved North Dakota State Bison were in the NCAA basketball tournament this past weekend. They lost right before the Sweet 16 but it was certainly exciting to see them on national television playing ball. With that said my bracket is not a complete bust quite yet and my final four are still in the game.

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  1. So many things spoke to me in this post. I love Imagine Dragons. Would have loved to go to that concert. My coffee shop addiction is so bad lately, too! Years ago, I would go on occasion, then I implemented a once a week rule, then somewhere along the line that went out the window and I started feeling like it was ok to go as long as I hadn't gone yesterday. Oof! No good! :)