Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello 2014

As is often the case over here on this little blogspot I call my own .. I'm behind. 

As I am still working on my 'Goodbye 2013' post (and every 2013 vacation posts) and compiling pictures & going over the gloriousness that was 2013 I am already thinking in leaps & bounds about 2014 & enjoying all of the moments. 

::: Currently 2014 :::

I am forgoing 2014 goals and working on '30 goals before I turn 30' as well as monthly goals.

Learning to like straight up coffee and trying to break the Caribou & Starbucks addiction.

Surviving the Minnesota freeze. 

Enjoying the Christmas decor that is still up (no judgments please).  

Anticipating new devotionals and Bible memory plans.

Learning what working from home really looks like. 

Contemplating trips & travel plans.

Excited about a fresh + new year. 

What does your 2014 beginning look like?

1 comment:

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