Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fighting a Cold + Savoring Life

My weekend was amazing, busy, fun & tiring. I cannot wait to share the fun of the  Renissance Festival, the beautiful details of Shelb's wedding & everything inbetween. In a perfect world everything would be ready & uploaded to share in the coming days but I have barely unpacked & jumped back into work so life must wait. 

Somewhere along the weekend I caught a sore throat that I hope does not turn into a cold. I guess too much fun (and screaming, talking, lack of sleep & not enough water) can make a girl ill. Who knew? My solution today included PSL, multiple cups of tea, EmergenC, chicken noodle soup & several bananas. So basically soothing, feeding & drowning my sore throat - I'll let you know how it works. 

While life happens I'm missing my friends from this weekend but savoring the memories made, pictures taken & the flowers I stole. Ok well not stole but took with permission, promise. 

My heart is full with everything that happened from this weekend. Is there a better feeling than full utter contentment? 

What have you been savoring lately? 


  1. i'm so glad you are at the very least, feeling good on the inside...hopefully your throat catches on to that good feeling soon!

    1. Thank you! I am hoping the good feelings overflow into my physical well being!