Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saying Hello

Just dropping by to say hello & let you know I'm still around. These last few weeks have been so busy full of adventures, weekend trips and just keeping my head above the water with adult things. You know those adult things: work, housework, errands, etc. 

I'm soaking in fall by sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes like there is no tomorrow. 

Spending the weekends with family & friends. This past weekend I headed to a gorgeous lake in Wisconsin and sipped adult beverages laughed with family & enjoyed the lake view. 

Today was bittersweet. I was not directly effected by the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. I did not know anyone in the towers or know people close to me who lost a loved one but the nation I love was attacked and precious lives were lost. I will always remember where I was, how I sat in a classroom in high school and watched as the 2nd plane fly into that second tower. It is not a memory I will every forget and I am still saddened at the loss of lives, the total disregard & hate that the attackers had for precious lives and the people who loved them. 

That day means even more as I visited ground zero and saw the area for myself this past May in NYC. 

The sweet memory today came from a wonderful friend date with my dear Shelby. Our last solo friend date before she marries her best friend this weekend.l   looked forward to our friend date for weeks after we set it knowing it's a milestone of our friendship. I can't wait to stand with her on Sunday as she get's married. 

Which brings me to another reason life had been so busy recently... Shelby gets married in a few days, I will have friends in town, some staying with me, activities planned and a home to clean & prepare. 

In the business of life I am reminded again and again that life is good and I am greatly blessed. It may be a few more quiet days on the blog but cannot wait to share all of the fun details in the next few weeks. 

Disclaimer: This post brought to you by the wonders of technology + blogging via iPhone. Thus please forgive spelling errors, wonky picture sizes and weird formatting. 

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