Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Laughing Falls & Sebastian Joe's

Yesterday I meet a dear friend in St. Paul for her last wedding dress fitting. It was wonderful and amazing being with her as she tried on her dress for one of the last times before her wedding day in September. After the fitting we headed to Minnehaha falls to grab a snack and walk around the falls. 

At the top of the falls in Minnehaha park there is Sea Salt Eatery that serves among other things Sebastian Joe's ice cream. We each got a scoop of Spamoni Ice Cream. This spamoni ice cream was almost a 'Minnesota' version if you would, it was delectable and amazing. The spamoni was almond, lemon, orange ice cream with apricots & slivered almonds -- and delectable and tasted a little bit like what I imagine heaven tasting like. 

Also a Sebastian Joe's trip (or eating their ice cream -- if you want to be technical) was on my summer bucket list!

An evening spent with a dear friend walking around Minnehaha Falls while eating amazing ice cream makes that a pretty perfect Monday in this girls book. 


  1. aren't the falls amazing right now after all the rain we've been getting? and sea salt is so yummy, too!! that sounds like a fun night!

  2. I've heard that the falls are amazing this year. A few friends have also visited sea salt eatery and raved about it. Before this summer ends (trying not to think about that!) I must make it to the falls...must try that ice cream too!!