Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Wisconsin Weekend

This past weekend I spent it at my families cabin in Wisconsin. I absolutely fell in love with the wispy fluffy clouds and the blue blue skies. Everyday turned out to be sunny and not to hot but just warm enough. I grew up going to the cabin during the summer with my grandparents and always treasure the memories that were made here. 

Passing beautiful farm fields. 
Corn growing taller than me, it's a sign of the ends of summer. 
Tranquil lakes.
Beautiful Sunsets
I ran these roads each day, it was beautiful and peaceful, a great run. 


  1. we went camping in wisconsin this weekend, too. it was such a gorgeous weekend! i am jealous of your run, that looks so relaxing!

    1. The run was so relaxing! But I must admit that the country is a bit to 'large' to loop around the block or the lake so I run a mile & a quarter turn around and do the same distance back, so same scenery but still gorgeous!

  2. So pretty! :) have you officially become a runner!?! :)

  3. Seriously?! The corn was taller than you!?