Sunday, July 21, 2013

Minneapolis Bachelorette Party + Celebrity Sightings

What a weekend. Most of my weekend was pretty laid back & not blog worthy - dinner & shopping dates with friends, church and a lovely Sunday afternoon nap. So not blog worthy but still the makings of a great weekend.

Saturday I did attend my sweet friend Shelby's bachelorette party. We started the party at the Renaissance Depot Minneapolis hotel and played in the pool as we waited for the rest of the girls to join us. 
We enjoyed girl talk + wine spritzers. I know wine spritzers are so simple but delicious and add a few fresh berries & a cute paper straw & it's fancy right?

We hung around the hotel for a little while & then headed to The Union rooftop for a late dinner & drinks. We all wore cowboy hats around downtown.

Apparently The Union is the place to be. While there we saw two celebrities: Dave Dahl (local weather forecaster - fancy yes?) and Tommy Lee. The bride to be actually got a picture with Tommy. In the elevator before I knew who Tommy was we made awkward elevator small talk about about how we were at a bachelorette party and all had to wear cowboy hats, etc and Tommy laughed and joked that he was our stripper for the evening. 

The bachelorette party was so much fun, I loved getting to see friends and make new friends. I can't wait to see everyone again at the wedding and dance the night away. This also maybe the closest claim to fame for meeting a celebrity that I ever get.


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  2. Bachelorette parties are amazing, aren’t they? I just attended two last month because two of my friends are getting hitched next month. It is going to be an amazing month. We have also booked some event halls for rent for pre-wedding parties.