Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

1. would you judge me if I told you Pitch Perfect was one of my favorites currently? I purchased the cd and run to all of the music and am addicted to the movie. 

2. Have you heard of a dirty diet coke? After seeing it on several blogs over the summer I finally gave in and had to try it - absolute fan. I am hooked.

3. During the summer I tend to get hooked on netflix seasons. Current favorites are Whire Collar & Covert Affairs.

4. I am still afraid of the grill but have made kabobs twice already.

5. While items on my summer bucket list may not be getting 'checked off' as much as I would like I am definitely hitting every patio that comes my way.


  1. I make kabobs in the oven too! Seems to hold the flavor better sometimes... Weird, I know!

    1. I love the George Foreman too, and it's easy that I can keep basting them for extra flavor!