Monday, June 3, 2013

Minnesota to New York

For a several months a few friends and I had discussed off and on a roadtrip to Niagara Falls, NY. For a while it was mainly a dream, something we would like to do but no definite plans. Fast forward to the beginning of May, one of my friends was looking to use up some vacation days and before I knew it we were all asking for time off and planning our trip. 

At some point in our planning process we decided to drive the ENTIRE trip - that's right no flying for us. The first leg of our journey was a straight drive from Minnesota to Cleveland (where we changed vehicles) and then on to Niagara Falls, NY - all in a day. There is nothing like a nice 15 + hour drive to get you in the vacation mood.  

Wisconsin was pretty, hilly & green. 
Illinois seemed like a fast blip in our drive. 
Indiana was green but full of construction on the toll roads. 
Ohio was farmland. 
Pennsylvania was very rainy but gorgeous on the drive back. 

Let's talk about toll roads for a second. 
I don't understand them. 
At all. 
They are annoying. 
They cost a lot of money.
And I don't understand why we need them. 

When we finally got to the hotel at 1 AM I think we were all relieved to finally be out of the car and I was happy to not be out numbered by boys anymore. The cookie? It was amazing, that's why you stay in Doubletree... the free warm cookie you receive. 

The next morning we started our day with breakfast at Break'n Eggs Creperie in Buffalo, NY. My breakfast was a savory chicken crepe. Funny story - I did not realize when I ordered my savory crepe that it would come with a salad. It was funny eating a salad at 8am in the morning but the crepe (and salad) were delicious.

Next up Niagara Falls.

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