Friday, April 5, 2013

Candlelight Snowshoeing, Split Rock + Goosebury

As I am heading out this weekend for another fun weekend getaway and it's finally turning into spring in Minnesota I thought I should share my past adventures in February (finally).

L and I headed way up north in February for a fun weekend getaway in the snow. We visited Two Harbors along the way, then spent some time in Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock. 

{Gooseberry Falls}
Saturday Afternoon L and I visited Gooseberry falls - the falls were not much to see as the fresh snow fall for Fridays storm covered the frozen falls. We did wander down by the lake shore and marveled at the crashing waves.

Lovely snow covered trees

{Snowshoeing by Candlelight}

Saturday evening L and I went snowshoeing at Split Rock - it was a lot of fun. It was also a lot of work - we hiked 3 miles

{Split Rock Lighthouse}
Sunday morning we headed back to Split Rock State Park to take in the grounds.

We hiked over to a beautiful island - an island that usually is inaccessible in the summer months. The island was beautiful and full of little rock pools, crashing waves and a stunning view of Split Rock lighthouse.

I loved the ice crusted rocks and round ice 'pebbles' littering the shore everywhere.


  1. February?? Does this mean my wedding entry is coming soon, too?? Still waiting and wanting to see the photos you took!

  2. The water crashing against the frozen rocks is just beautiful! You take such wonderful pictures :)

  3. Ok, I thought Split Rock Lighthouse was beautiful in the Fall with the Fall colours...but now I think I'm loving it even more all covered in snow in the Winter! So gorgeous and magical. Snowshoeing by candlelight sounds like a lot of fun too!