Monday, April 1, 2013

{Weekend Edition} The Easter One

It's April 1st and I am so excited for a new month and a fresh start! There is something so exciting about looking at the calendar and seeing the 1st. It is also April Fools Day! I personally am a fan of pranks and have been known to pull several in my younger years -- the best prank ever pulled on me was in my senior year of college my SUV was saran wrapped. It was definitely a sight to see. Are you a pranker or tend to stay away from all of that funny business?

My weekend started a little earlier this week - but no complaints here! I took a half day in Friday and went out to lunch with a friend and then we proceeded to go and get mani & pedis!

Amanda Sue & I went to Good Earth And celebrated Amanda's birthday with a slice of their famous carrot cake - delish! Later before church we met up with our friend Lynnae before heading to our churches' Good Friday service.

{Pedi // Lynnae + I}

{Amanda, me + Lynnae}

Saturday was a wonderful relaxing day as I met up with an old co-worker for coffee + laughs (many of them!). Sunday was a wonderful day - a bit dreary and over cast in the great state of Minnesota but still a celebration with Christ defeating the grave!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter! I am determined to enjoy Monday & embrace April! 

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