Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!


I came across this fun Leprechaun name decoder from Facebook. I think these are fun - you can just call me Sprinkles O'Knuckles :) 

I'm not really Irish and do not typically celebrate St. Patrick's Day (out of habit - not intentionally). This year I celebrated it in sorts on Saturday, I participated in the Get Lucky 7K in Minneapolis. I'm not a runner (I would like to be a runner/jogger someday), but that someday has not happened yet. 

My race partners. We're all from college and see each other every couple of months. Yesterday we also celebrated L's birthday - Hello 28 :) 

I FINISHED - and that is all that really matters. 
IF I were to run another race a 7K (4.2 miles) would likely not be for me, I would possible try a 5K if I (actually trained before hand).

We celebrated with lunch and I had a grapefruit mimosa from the Red Stag,  hmm it was good. The rest of the day I nursed several cups of honey + lemon tea because I caught a monster sore throat + cough from the run. 

It was a great St. Patrick's Day weekend!

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  1. You ARE a runner if you actually finished a 7K!!! WAY TO GO!!!! :) That is an awesome feat! Some day I hope to do at least a 5K lol -Warty McFearsome signing off ;)