Monday, March 4, 2013

Choosing Joy

I started off this post as a little weekend recap but it has morphed as I wrote it. It is now Monday and I've had a long tired day and I am mentally exhausted and ready to just go to bed and I realize as I finalize this post it's more of a 'recognizing happy moments' than anything else. It's about choosing joy when it's so easy to succumb to the 'little bumps' that were thrown haphazardly around today. The bumps were really insignificant (slow snowy commute turning a 20 minute drive into 45 minutes, vehicles not working properly and foul moods) but yet they tend to stand out at the moment. 

So right now I am choosing joy, focusing on the good (because there is honestly so much to be thankful for) and not letting the little 'bumps' steal the joy away from me. 


Saturday I visited Nadia's Cakes with a few friends and am still dreaming of the decadence and the smell of the frosting as I walked in the door. I think frosting maybe one of the best scents in the world - I'm sure someone has bottled it, maybe I can find it?

{The award winning Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake // Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Vanilla and Chocolate Chocolate // Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake}
{friends + boardgames}

Sunday afternoon I also made a big batch of chili. I like to keep a few frozen servings of soup or chili around in the freezer for last minute dinner options but especially grab & go lunch options during the work week. 

I made my own version of Lindsey's Everything But the Kitchen Sink Chili. I honestly have to say this is my favorite chili I have made so far. I love a good hearty meaty chili with a nice kick of spice! I also loved Lindsey's idea of freezing left over veggies that her family will not get to and adding them to the chili.

{Sunday mocha with a friend + homemade chili}

Monday's happy moments. 
Caribou's new Cafe Milan + red polished nails // a blood orange

..A story of a blood orange..
One of my besties gave me this blood orange. As I was peeling it this evening and realized what it really was (besides an orange). This friend loves apples, coffee and blood oranges (silly combination yes?). After seeing each other on a spur of the moment date this weekend she gave me a blood orange, it's like giving me a piece of her heart - it's such a 'her' thing to do. Maybe it's the tired or exhaustion talking but it warms my heart to see this blood orange because it's such a reflection of my friend, her personality and love. 

I'm off to bed and hope to start Tuesday nice & happy - despite the mountains of snow 
Minnesota is being *blessed* with. 
(I say *blessed* because I'm choosing joy here right?!?)


  1. That snow certainly didn't help, after a weekend of sunshine and "spring" thoughts coming to (my) mind...but Minnesota & it's love of snow just makes me realize to enjoy & appreciate a beautiful day when it arrives. Glad you found quite a few moments to bring happy thoughts.

    ...and that chocolate chip cookie cupcake looks yum!

  2. that same said friend gave me a blood orange back in college and I still think of her everytime i buy one :)

  3. looks like a great week despite your bumps. :)