Monday, February 18, 2013

Story of a weekend.

Happy Monday all!

I'm not sure about you but every Monday rolls around and I come down with a case of weekend amnesia. I absolutely forget EVERYTHING that happened over the weekend - hence weekend amnesia.

...good food + girls night...
Friday evening I had a few friends over for girls night and we ate some yummy food and watched a movie and chatted. I made a few tasty treats to share with the girls. I tried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough dip - which was surprisingly good, I'm not sure it tastes like cookie dough though. As requested I also made Buffalo Chicken Dip

I also served some of my Valentine's cupcakes that I decorated with a friend on Thursday.

... you make my heart smile...
I love me some snail mail, who doesn't love sweet mail in your mailbox? I picked up these beauties at Michaels and am ready to send sweet cards out to friends. 

...on why technology is fabulous...
Saturday evening I chatted with four girls of my close friends from college via google hangout.  Love these girls and the way we can connect, we went from connecting on Facebook sometimes once a year or an email to a continuous email thread and a monthly google hangout date. Technology is wonderful. Thank you Google for connecting 5 girls from all over the states & country.  2 Minnesotan (holla!), 1 Japanese friend, 1 Coloradoian and 1 Callie girl. 

...Sunday Brunch...
Sunday brunch at a cute cafe in St. Paul with a friend and an afternoon showing of Safe Havens. 

I hope your weekend was fabulous and your Monday is just as grand! Today I am at a new work location - part of my new job that I started a month or so ago. Hoping my Monday starts with a steamy hot beverage from a coffee shop - cheers friends!  


  1. Jim and I saw Safe Haven for Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Those cards are super cute! Glad you got to video chat with friends!

  3. Mmmm...I've been meaning to try to make some of that cookie dough dip. It looks so delicious!! :)