Monday, February 25, 2013

Embracing Monday

After a beautiful snowy weekend on the North Shore I am embracing Monday and a new week. It's hard to leave behind a beautiful weekend and begin a new week but it's a clean slate and excites me to wonder all that the week holds in store for me.

Today & Tuesday are a bit bittersweet. I am spending the day training in the 'new me' at my old location. Then I will be saying goodbye to the work home & location I have been for almost two years. I am thankful that I am still staying in the management company and may still have the occasion to see these people that have come to be a little part of my family.

Below are a few instagram pictures from the weekend (follow me on instagram at Becca_OneGirl). More pictures to come hopefully soon.


  1. Beautiful photos! Did you go to the North Shore?

    1. Sarah I did go to the north shore this weekend - it was breath taking!