Sunday, February 10, 2013

skiing, cookies + snow.

Ever since last winter I have wanted to go cross country skiing. In college I tried cross country skiing and remember enjoying it and had wanted to try again. 

After I finally figured out how to put on my skis (seriously it's been a while) I had a lot of fun. Since it had been a few years I headed to the beginners trail - or so I thought. After looping the trails a few times on my way home I realized I did not pick the beginners trail - such a me thing to do, I never could read maps. Let me tell you friends - cross country skiing is not like riding a bike! After skiing on Saturday and shoveling Sunday I am so sore - but the good sore. 

I'm a Minnesota girl through & through.

This weekend I also whipped up some Vanilla Bean Valentine cookies. The cookies are ok, but in true confession I think I like the cookie part more than the dove chocolate part. I don't think I like chocolate + vanilla together (I know what's wrong with me?!). 

Rosy cheeks from shoveling and snowy streets from Minnesota's snow storm. I was happy to make it home safe and sounds Sunday morning and passing several cars in the ditch. The rest of Sunday I was happy to stay at home only going outside to shovel and check on the progress of snow :)


  1. I've always wanted to cross country ski but never tried it. Did you rent or do you own them?

    1. I rented the skis from a local park. I have toyed with the idea of purchasing skis but wanted to try it a few times before I committed.

  2. You can send the leftover Dove chocolate to Ohio...we will embrace it with open arms...or mouths. LOVE the snow photos...gosh I wish I would have been on this adventure with you...yes! -ASB

  3. I've lived in Minnesota now for 12 years, going on 13 and have yet to put on skis and give it a go...something I definitely need to change!

    Love your scarves in those pictures too!

  4. I've never been cross country skiing but I've always loved to watch it on tv! Even though it's not highly exciting I think it's so cool to watch! Glad you had a fun winter weekend! :)

  5. i love snow storms! i am wanting one real bad!