Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get Together

The Minnesota State Fair is over now. It is one of my favorite activities each year and I love it dearly. 
Growing up my family would go each year and I have truly deeply fallen in love with the fair since childhood. 

Me + Kelly // Me + Nessa

My friends like to joke that I cannot go to the state fair just once, and it's true. I cannot go to the fair just once. This year, like many I attended the fair twice with two great friends. 

beautiful jars of honey in the horticulture building // butter sculpture of Princess Kay in the dairy building

The Gopher was quite a flirty and cheeky fellow but I finally got my picture with him. 

{The Food}
Please note I did not eat everything here, i was merely in the presence of it all. 

peanut butter fudge puppy // sweet martha's cookies // cheeseburger sticks
red velvet funnel cake // garlic fries // cheesecurds
buffalo chips // wild rice burger // mini-donuts

Until next year. 


  1. I would have totally devoured all of that delicious looking food.... I absolutely love fair food! :-) Looks like fun!

  2. Making me drool and want to go back right now for more yummy goodness!!

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