Saturday, September 8, 2012

{Currently} Colorado Edition + a Confession

As I write this I am currently in Colorado visiting a college friend, cheering on my alma mater and seeing beautiful things. Liv and I haven't seen each other for two years so this visit is LONG overdue!

{Currently Colorado}

excited about my weekend with Liv. We fake argued, laughed, car danced, took pictures, drove through mountains and swapped hair & makeup tips, tricks, secrets and favorite products!

reading War Brides by Helen Bryan.

yearning for jean & scarf weather.

learning patience.

loving the sprinkling of summer + fall temps.

sipping pumpkin spice lattes (Starbucks has the best this season!).

looking forward to my own bed tonight.

I kind of like blogging from my iPhone. Plus side - I can blog on the go (like an airport). Downside - sometimes the layout, picture placement and font/text is not the best.

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