Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Monday + Hello September!

Happy Labor Day Monday! I'm linking up with Megan at Happy Day! for Dear Monday letters.

Dear Labor Day Monday, Holla for days off! Today I leave Ohio & Amanda Sue and head back home to Minnesota.

Dear Amanda Sue + Ohio, thank you for rolling out the welcome mat for me! I loved car dancing across Ohio, eating tasty food and laughing the entire time. What a wonderful 3 day weekend!

Dear Liv, just a few more days home slice and we will be cheering on the Bison, sipping coffee, climbing mountains and hiking.

Dear Shellac manis and Parenthood, where have you been all my life?

How are you spending this Labor Day Monday? I'm hanging out with Amanda Sue for a few more hours in Ohio and then jet setting home to Minnesota!

{please excuse the blurry pictures - I blame it on the collage app I used, ippicy is so much better and quality!}

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