Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Resolution Recap} June Edition

June was beautiful! 
In June I was able to meet my friends daughter {she's adorbs!}, celebrate new life with a friend, and gave a speech as a Maid of Honor (3rd time), joined the Cherry Berry craze. 
{Lil Adri // Practicing my speech in the bathroom - classy! // Boating on White Bear Lake}
{Cherry Berry flavors of the day // A Cherry Berry Creation (Kristis' creation) // The Beautiful Bride}

Need a refresher on my resolutions? They can be found here.


I made tasty Pink Lemonade Confetti Cupcakes and  Southwestern Black Bean Salad
Both recipes were so good - and the salad is one that I love to eat as a meal - it just screams summer to me! 


I started following the 'She Reads Truth' movement and am reading along side hundreds of women in the 'Living the Surrendered Life ' study through youversion. 
I am trying to consume less pop but I seem to be adding more iced coffee and iced tea to my summer beverage lists. 

I ate at Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe. I love me an Izzy Scope!
I walked around downtown Stillwater with Christina.
A trip to the beach with Nessa
Visited Como Zoo & Conservatory with friends
Pantooned on White Bear Lake at Sunset

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  1. My parents and I were JUST talking about Izzy's today! My boyfriend's name is Izzy and they were joking about it being his ice cream shop lol.