Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Resolution Recaps} March, April & May Edition

Ok seriously! 
How did 3 months fly by like that?

March was a fun month - I took my FIRST mini-vacation in my not so new job. 
April was a whirl wind with several wedding showers & a baby shower. April also marked a WHOLE year at the 'new' job!
May just flew by with fun family & friend celebrations. I threw a bachelorette shower, went to a trampoline park and got 2nd place in laser tag {it's all about the important things right?!}.

Need a refresher on my resolutions? They can be found here.

I love LOVE trying new recipes! 
April I made Salted Caramel Cupcakes, Weight Watchers 
Banana Chocolate Chip muffins & Cider Apple Chicken with Mushroom Sauce
In May Amanda Sue & I created our own little mini-fruit pizzas for the bachelorette party and I also
made Italian Apple Burgers - they were fab!

I am doing really well with pushing the H20 -- until weekends come along. Monday-Friday I 
keep my water bottle right next to my desk but once I get home or the weekend comes then I do not do so well!
I am getting much better at reading my Bible daily -- I can see & feel the difference!

I love visiting Minnesota destinations! 
There was Duluth in March
{Duluth is certainly not a new destination for me but still a beautiful should-be-repeated Minnesota destination}
In March I hiked & photographed Voyager National Park during my 
In April & May I enjoyed local backyard attractions, cities and parks. 

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  1. I hear you on the water. I can't get myself to even drink past 16 oz per day. It's so bad. Those cupcakes look delish!!!!