Monday, June 18, 2012

{Dear Monday} 6.18.12 Edition

Seriously what a great weekend! 
 I'm linking up again with Megan at Happy Day for Dear Monday letters! 

Dear Monday, I am looking forward to evening Bible study with my girls + sipping an iced latte while digging into Gods' word. 

Dear Minnesota weekend full of quiet times, movie nights + popcorn, shopping, coordinating a wedding, friend phone dates, Fathers Day and simple pleasures, thank you for your beauty. I treasure weekends like you. 

Dear Summer, I am so excited for you and everything that you hold. Birthdays, road trips, patio sitting, hiking, summer nights & picture snapping. Yehaw! 

Dear July, I can't wait for you - you are my birthday month! Is it silly that at 27 {almost 28!} I still so head over heels for my birthday? Gosh I hope not because this is one girl who loves, loves, loves celebrating the new year & exciting opportunities and reflecting upon the last year.

Dear Week, you hold many fun delights - I can not wait to see what else you have in store for me. Let's getter started!

I hope your Monday is beautiful and your week just as fantastic. 
Remember to count your blessings and have a heart of thankfulness -- it's to easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget how beautiful & special life really truly is! 


  1. ooo July is my birthday month too! - can't wait! p.s. after seeing your post last week about Izzy's ice cream we finally(!) made it over there this weekend. delish!

  2. I would love to always stay excited for my birthday!! I think it's a magical thing to stay young in that way. :) Sounds like a great summer for you!

  3. I'm also turning 28 in July! On the 3rd! You? :)

  4. I get pumped for my birthday too! I hope I never grow out of it! :)

  5. Last time I checked there were a lot more days to the week than just Mondays. Just saying. I know you are a social butterfly and I live in Ohio. I get it.