Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Monday.

Dear Monday, You went surprisingly fast, please do that forever & always. 

Dear Soul Mate, thank you for my New Years card you sent full of blessings and well wishes for 2012. I cannot wait to see what it will hold. Thank you for reminding me there are 366 days this year and I plan on being thankful for each & every one of them! 

Dear goals, I have written you out but still need to finish fleshing you out. I'm not so sure I am ready to share you with the world yet, I'm still deciding between resolutions and the possibility of 101 in 1001

Dear Canon 60D, this is the year for us. I plan on learning how to shoot in manual, understand all of that camera talk of ISOs, bokeh, aperture and so much more. 

 Dear Hulu, thank you for helping me keep up on all of my television shows, entertaining me, and for just being a fun word to say. You are always chalk full of goodness and make me yearn for more. You complete me. 

I'm linking up my Dear Monday Letters with Megan at Happy Day.

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  1. Yay! So glad you linked up some little letters this week! :) And man...I love mondays that go by quickly. lol Looking forward to reading your goals list! I just compiled a huge one and posted it on my blog this morning... took forever to write! Hope you have a magical week!