Monday, January 23, 2012

{Dear Monday} 1.23.12

Where did the weekend go?!
It's Monday again. 
I'm linking up with Megan at Happy Day for Dear Monday! 

Dear Monday, You came awfully early and with a new inch or two of snow - next time will you warn me? Today you also reminded me that Monday sometimes brings out the worst in people. Here is to giving them the benefit of the doubt. 

ear Flatmates, You are the best. I love our fun adventures, great chats and dinners together. Sometimes we all hang out together and other times we hang seperately. This weekend I told both of you I was not interested in ‘roommates’ anymore and that ‘flat mate’ just sounded so much better. Thank you for humoring me and loving me that way you do.

Dear Picnik, This morning I received a sad email saying you would be closing your site down in April. I am mourning your departure but will enjoy using you (and all the extra freebies) until you leave in April. No one will ever quite take your place in my life, but if Instagram comes up with a computer app I may start seeing you both.

Dear Caribou worker, I am heartily sorry that I gave you three different gift cards on Saturday that amounted to two dollas + change and still owed you money. It was quite embarassing but hopefully you can A). Forget about it B). Laugh about it C). seek counseling. I promise next time i will just give you one form of payment.

Dear Blog, Sorry I suck at you sometimes. Unfortunately work & other life sucks me in sometimes and leaves me with no time for you. Here is to you & me renewing our friendship! 


  1. Totally agree on Picnik closing down...this makes me sad!! Happy Monday!!

  2. I love this. And flatmates sound so cool. I've also done the same thing with a gift card but at target. The cashier was sure not to hide her annoyance!

  3. I love Monday letters! :)

    P.S. I am soooo bummed about picnik too!
    P.S.S. Wanted to let you know that we over at "Mr.C & Me" have awarded you with The Leibster Award! Congrats!