Thursday, November 17, 2011

{InstaFriday} with a side of confession

Wasn't yesterday just Monday?! This week just zoomed by but was a wonderful week. This week I spent beautiful moments with friends, cozied up with thick blankets, caught up with great co-workers and started listening to Christmas music {!}

My secret is out, yes I began listening to Christmas music. I am usually such a stickler about NO Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This year I threw caution to the wind and started crooning christmas lyrics & even watched 'The Holiday'. Ok so 'The Holiday' doesn't have to be Christmas but when it's this close to the season -- it's Christmas in my book. 

Saturday morn all the roommates woke up and had a beautiful leisurely breakfast together, it was so relaxing and a welcome change to most Saturdays that are busy busy & hectic. In the evening we all went to Five Guys - their "regular" fries was more than enough for 4 people. 
Fall & the transition to winter makes me thinking sweaters, thick socks, blankets, crafts & knitting. I started a pintrest wreath project & I absolutely love the yarn - it's so beautiful!  The new caribou cups remind me of a bit thick sweater all comfy & cozy. 
Seing all of the Keurig flavors & packets makes me want one. But even more than a Keurig I want this.  Meet my new pretty ring. I believe every girls needs a little bling-bling!

Have you started revealing in the Christmas season -- or do you wait till after Thanksgiving?

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  1. I'm trying to hold off on my Christmas cheer until next Friday, but I can't blame you. I've been known to put up my tree on November 1st. It looks like you had a very cozy week and I like your yarn wreath.

  2. i want one of those fries :0 or two.

  3. I wait until after Thanksgiving...but I'm so excited to decorate. :)

    Your wreath project looks great, too!

    happy InstaFriday!

  4. That ring is fantastic! And I'm trying my first yarn wreath this week.

  5. i love the movie The Holiday. definitely one of my favorite movies and i always love to watch it during this time of year also, even though it totally doesn't have to be.

    my daughter is getting the kindle fire for christmas and i am secretly jealous of her but hopefully i can sneak it during the day when she is in school. :) i have a keurig and LOVE it. my coffee drinking has definitely increased, but i also love it for tea, hot cocoa,and apple cider. you must get one!

  6. I love that ring, and the photo of the fries is making me feel really hungry!

  7. That ring is gorgeous…where did you find it!? :)