Friday, August 5, 2011


If you're new to Insta-Friday it's a little something cooked up over at Life Rearranged. Each Friday you show off your week with only cell phone pictures.

This week even though I am in love with instagram - half my photos are instagrammed the other half or plain old non-instagrammed. 

ps. you do not need instagram to participate - just fun cell phone pics, or not fun cell phone pics - your choice *wink*

St. Paul skyline
I love love love city skylines
there is just something so beautiful about them
a day at the beach
it was so relaxing & peaceful & beautiful
it's kind of a renewal of energy & life
Sunday inbetween church & lunch with a friend I grab an 
iced coffee, my Bible & 'The Story'
so wonderful
also a renewal of energy & life {wink}
picnic lunch on a sunday afternoon
Em & I pulled up a patch of shaded grass and enjoyed our lunch
while catching up on life & having those deep friendship building conversations

we both had grabbed a tasty lunch from the co-op
chicken spring rolls with sparkling apple cider
Stillwater Lift Bridge
our picnic view
cupcake with sprinkles
we served cupcakes at work as part of a customer appreciation BBQ
the turn out was amazing & the food was pretty tasty too!
32 balloons
guess who fit them all in her little suv?
i would not suggest or do it again
pretty colorful summer flowers
at the BBQ we placed mason jars on table with 
blossoming blooms
the next day we grabbed all the left over flowers & made 4 bigger
 bouquets & scattered them around the guest areas

now you've seen my week
how did you spend your week?
what beach essentials are a must have for you?

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