Friday, July 29, 2011


If you're new to Insta-Friday it's a little something cooked up over at Life Rearranged. Each Friday you show off your week with only cell phone pictures.

This week? I actually got instagram! Excited? 
I am in <3 with it!

ps. you do not need instagram to participate - just fun cell phone pics, or not fun cell phone pics - your choice *wink*

Spontaneous ex-co worker date with dessert made possible by Sonic

Jimmys <3
Dear Jimmy,  
I like you alot & you make me happy. I may have just discovered instagram
- but they have nothing on you - you're still #1 in my book! Jimmy you
have forever made me change my mind about sandwiches.

iced coffee is an art form

much better with cream & sugar

somedays I live out of my vehicle

my desk drawer at with my with snack stash
{everybody has a snack stash right?!?}
ps. my co-workers is fruit roll ups and beef jerky
What is in your snack stash?

free blizzards at DQ
what is better than free?
a great friend to share company


i <3 cherries
they are such a splurge here in minnesota it seems

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  1. When you say Becca Brushetta, does that mean you made it!? YUM!! :D