Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Minnesota Weekend

The weekend is over - how sad is that?!?
My weekend was amazing - full of sunshine, friends, large amounts of coffee & a sprinkling of Gilmore Girls all around. 

I kicked off the weekend with an evening chat & coffee {coffee # 1} with Bestie. So fun. I love caribou's summer customer appreciation card - do you have one? I love collecting my free coffees. 

Saturday was packed full. Having breakfast with old roomie before she leaves for South Carolina and then St. Paul. Oh St. Paul - I love the city - that it's old and beautiful and on the river. 

Curly Locks & I headed out to the beach after grabbing coffee {#2}. We went to a beach a bit off the beaten path & pleasantly surprised that it was not crazy busy. We packed the beach essentials - ya know the sunscreen, mags, books, snacks and fun beach blankets. Unfortunately I was sans floppy hat - must get one of those! 

After adequately sunning ourselves we headed back to St. Paul & had supper. After supper Gracie, Curly Locks & I walked to grab $1 coffee {#3} for our dessert while watching the roller derby cinema classic - 'Whip It'. 


Beautiful grassy picnic on Stillwater riverfront. I had chicken spring rolls - so tasty. Between church & lunch I did grab a coffee {#4} at Caribou while reading my Bible. 

I have started going through by season {at least the 3rd time I have done this}. No words to explain my love for this tv show & I have been watching episodes inbetween life moments of cleaning, dressing,  blogging and every other moment that I am free. 

Did you count the coffee intake? Four in three days!?! I also shared tiramisu with Emily at lunch sunday... does that up my coffee intake count?  

How did you spend your weekend? 
What are your essential beach items?

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  1. Sooo fun!! :) Lots of coffee and the best things of summer. Unfortunately, I spent my weekend sick on the couch in between attempting to have fun times with friends. My sore throat officially has become a pretty nasty cold. Boo to that!