Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday & a Summer Love

Mondays have always gotten a bad rap. Sometimes I even give them a bad wrap. 
Today was no Monday though. 

Today was a great day. 
I held a little cute wobbly baby
spontaneous dinner  & dessert with an old coworker 

dessert provided by our friends at Sonic

running into a old college friend - more spontaneity & fun

Gilmore Girls 

::: a great monday :::

... By the way... 

Right now I am consumed with wanting this nail polish 
 Kevin & Amanda's blog introduced it to me today
sparkly, pretty & girly
OPI Katy Perry - Teen Age Dream

typically I am not all for the glitter but this looked so cute I want it


  1. I totally misinterpreted "a summer love" :) But the real interpretation was fun too!

  2. I'm craving Sonic now! And happy belated birthday!! Your family's cabin looks like such a nice getaway!