Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Choice gone bad?

{that is not the good choice gone bad}
More on the moving later

{Setting the Scene}

It's 8:30 and you're hungry not only did you work several hours today, then you moved and packed & unpacked several times over. All you want is something quick to eat at 8:30... you stop at McDonalds (which is now DANGEROUSLY close to your new place) and decide to go the tide-me-over-till-morning thing and get a 4 piece nugget pack and apple dippers. Apple dippers equal a bit healthier right?

Get home enjoy the nuggets... what's not to love? But move on to the apple dippers... they are awful. Let me just say that now AWFUL!  They are coated in so much lemon juice that they can't have any nutritional value anymore and then you *try* to make them better by the dipping sauce... oh the dipping sauce, caramel why did you do me wrong? It sadly does not make it better. 

Trying to make the healthier {better} choice of an apple from McDonalds was the good choice gone bad

Lesson Learned. No more apple dippers.

some of the first things in my closet 
Life is Beautiful 

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  1. Isn't that the worst when you know the unhealthy choice would have tasted 100 times better? But at least YOU made the good choice (not McDonald's!)