Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures of a Weekend

My weekend in pictures with a few scattered words and explanations.

Dyed my hair Friday afternoon

sportin' the new do

Mr. Pillsbury Dough Boy - the pepper shaker
In college as a present curly locks gave me the pillsbury doughboy pepper shaker for Christmas one year. I received the Pillsbury Dough Boy for two reasons 
1. In college I would eat in my room while studying, ect and I would have the pepper shaker in my room (I LOVE pepper)
2. There was a joke among my roommates that I needed to look for a man made of dough ie. enter the Pillsbury Dough boy

While my weekend was mostly boxes, packing & cleaning I did stop to enjoy the days a little bit and had some fun and relaxation. 

a few minutes spent in the sunshine of a beautiful weekend reading a mag

Whom to choose... Team Edward or Team Jacob? May I have both?

Whatever you found your weekend doing though remember what it's all about.

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  1. "I was like yes! I want to bake cookies on your stomach."