Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mill Ruins Park

Several weeks ago I visited Mill Ruins Park, and for whatever reason I never got around to sharing those pictures and experiences. Below is a small recap of my adventure that day. 

Mill Ruins Park really shows the history of Minneapolis. This area in the during it's heyday was full of mills and canals and was the leading international producer of flour that was shipped nationally and worldwide. This was the catalyst for many companies beginnings that are still very significant today, such as Pillsbury, General Mills, Washburn Crosby, and Xcel Energy to name a few. 

The Ruins are adjacent to the Stone Arch Bridge in the St. Anthony Falls District and located just a half block from the Guthrie.

For some reason I always love looking at ruins. They fascinate me and make me want to crawl around in the dirt, search for buried treasure and unearth forgotten and unknown history. Maybe that comes from my childhood desires and dreams of being an archeologist or a pirate {that one was short lived... I promise :) } Whatever it comes from I will embrace it. 

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful part of Minnesotas' culture and history I would highly suggest visiting the Ruins as well as Mill City Museum.

**Unless otherwise noted all pictures taken for better or for worse by me**

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