Monday, June 21, 2010

{Day two}
Washington: A Road Trip
We set out in the morning for Leavenworth, WA. There was 3 1/2 hours of beautiful orchards, rolling hills, cliffs, and the winding Columbia River to take pictures of. The first hour & a half it rained but the country side was gorgeous. 

Painted Garage
Quincy, WA

Columbia River

We stopped at a Cherry Orchard that was set back by the river. A gorgeous backdrop for photo session. Curly Locks picked three WA cherries from the orchard {shhh don't tell}. She has a fruit addiction, don't blame her. 

Curly Locks and I were really looking forward to roadside fruit stands. 

all pictures for better or for worse taken by me 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The sky seems never-ending! Breath-taking!