Sunday, June 20, 2010


 Crepes: a thin pancake made by pouring the batter into a hot frying pan that has a slight trace of butter on the greased pan.

Whenever I hear about crepes, or see a street vendor selling them I just think it's a delicacy that I could never make at home. So when I saw that Our Best Bites made it look so easy I decided to jump right in and make some batter up. I'm sure you have all of the necessary ingredients at home milk, flour, sugar, eggs and oil with a bit of butter to grease the pan. Now you could go out and buy a fancy crepes pan, and a fancy wooden stick.... or you could use a frying pan {like I did} and a rubber spatula, they worked just fine for me.

Fancy Crepes pan from Chefs Catalog

Per the recipe I decided the fastest and easiest way to make my batter would be just to throw everything into the blender to avoid any pesky lumps. Make sure your pan is screaming hot and them run some butter around and pour in your batter. This was the tricky part you want your pan {screaming} hot but as soon as you pour your batter in it instantly begins to cook. The trick is to grab your pan with one hand and pour your batter in with the other hand will twisting and turning your pan to help the batter coat all over. My first crepe turned out a bit lumpy and was slightly on the thick side. You also want to try and not pour your batter over itself since it starts cooking instantly and then will be a little bit thicker on that part.

The crepes only take a few seconds to cook and end up tasty and so thin. I have an overabundance of fruit and berries in my fridge so I topped my crepes with a dollop of whip cream and a handful of berries. But anything would be tasty, some vanilla yogurt and fruit, nutella, jam, syrup. Or you could try your hand at savory crepes and add sauteed mushrooms, cheese, a bit of meat. How about a dessert crepe with chocolate chips, marshmallow creme and toffee? The possibilities are endless.

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  1. I am originally from Belarus but have been living in the US for 10 years now. Growing up I loved when my mama made crepes. They were so amazingly good. So in college (about 4 years ago), I decided to try make my own...and have to call my mom to ask her why they are not turning out the way hers always do. Of course she had no idea what I was doing wrong. Since then I have practiced quite a bit and now love making crepes. I sometimes just eat them with butter (when they are hot) or make them with meat feeling and my hubby and I eat them for lunch. So wonderfully great! :)