Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot & Steamy

Most anytime I could do with something a bit hot & steamy... a nice piping hot cup of tea that is. But it's summer here in the midwest and it's another type of hot & steamy... more like sticky & humid if you will. I still want the yummy refreshing thirst quenching drink but sans hot & steam if you please. As I was telling curly locks all about my warming-water-to-seep-my-tea-bag-to-then-again-chill-it she blurted: "BECCA-THERE-IS-A-NEW-LIPTON-COLD-BREW-TEABAG-OUT-THERE-INDIVIDUAL-OR-PITCHER-OPTION!"

I WAS so excited. No more warming-water-to-seep-my-tea-bag-to-then-again-chill-it to enjoy REAL iced tea. How wonderful!

So then I ran not walked to my local store and bought some up. How wonderful. Yes you can seep regular non-cold brew bags in cold water... but it doesn't work as well. And slip another tea bag flavor in with it for added thirst quenching abilities like orange mandarin tea, or blueberry tea, hmm the possibilities are endless.

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