Sunday, May 9, 2010

My big fat German family on Mothers Day

Most of my saturday was spent making cinnamon rolls and going out and buying the plant my mom wanted for mother's day. I typically like to have my gifts picked out early but as it was a plant I had to go last minute. Let me tell you it was pretty miserable shopping I was "technically" inside Linders but it was still cold and my hands were freezing by the time I left with my two plants... but I digress ...

Back to the cinnamon rolls .... my grandma typically makes the cinnamon rolls/sweet rolls for almost every holiday and get together. But this year I offered to make them for her since they would be out of town till Saturday afternoon. Now I was a bit worried about offering because my grandma is a wonderful cook who has most of her recipes in her head and nothing compares to her cooking. But I took up the task of making cinnamon rolls... not her cinnamon rolls mind you because she assures me if I have a cook book I don't need her recipe as it will be just the same (my dad disagrees).

I decided to use the Cinnamon Rolls recipe from Ree of Pioneer Woman sans the maple frosting... that would be a bit to much change for my family, and my grandma always makes almond flavored frosting... it's delish! I only made half a recipe as the original recipe is intended to make 7 pans of 8 for gifting to friends & family and I did not need to make 56 rolls, instead I made 26 rolls and came home with none. 

Every year for Mothers Day the men of the family prepare made to order omelets with every fixing you can think of and more and there is always fruit and sweet rolls, muffins and hash browns. I absolutely love it. But it does require people to eat at different times, but that's ok, it's only once a year.

My grandma said that my cinnamon rolls were superb and I will say they were excellent and will make them again. Now I just need a reason to make them again. So go forth and make Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls, you will NOT regret it!

To all those mom's out there Happy Mothers Day