Sunday, May 9, 2010

Packing & Cleaning

One of my goals for this weekend was to pack at least 3 boxes. So I got my three boxes done, unfortunately you can't tell much of a difference. I have lived in this house since I was 7, there is a LOT of stuff to pack and move and weed through. But it is a start. That at least is comforting.

While packing, cleaning, sorting and tossing I enjoyed seventh season of Gilmore Girls. How I love that show. I may need to invest in my own copies once I move since my mom owns them now. 

I also came across my high school diary. It was pretty funny to look through. On the first page I had a little note for anyone who would perhaps look into it. And for fun I will share it will you. First I apologize for the low quality photograph, second my handwriting is SO much better now 6 years post high school, I promise you.

It reads:
Dear whoever opens this book,
Please don't read unless I give you permission. What is in this book is very personal. It is very rude if you read the contents without permission.
Thanx again.

That's right as a freshman I wrote "thanks" with an "x"
What can I say... 

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  1. most seasons of gilmore go on sale in November/December...generally Target sells them for $18.

    High School diaries are so fun. I never knew my grandpa but my mom and I found two of his high school diaries and I have read them through and through. He even kept a log of letters and christmas cards he got and baseball scores.