Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm a Everything Type Girl

If anyone is familiar with the tv show the Bachelorette or Jillian Harris you have probably heard of the Hot Dog Theory. Basically Jillian had a theory of what favorite type of condiment said about a guy. Now I'm not a guy, far from it but I am an everything girl when it comes to hot dogs and burgers but hold the sauerkraut please!

Now Jillian never wrote a Hot Dog theory for women but if I had to wonder maybe this is what it would mean for me.. 

Ketchup: a little bit sweet, all american girl, down to earth
Mustard: likes a bit of spice in her life
Onion: likes it spicy (but no kissing later right?)   
Relish: a little bit on the fun and adventures side possibly?

You can find out more about Jillians' theories about hot dog toppings here and here.

What do you think the hot dog theory would say about me (if you know me) or what would it say about you?

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