Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pretty Randoms

My friend K and I ventured out on the amazing tour of Minnehaha Falls, the Guthrie and the Stone Arch Bridge of course to true form I took about 200 some pictures but there are some pretty great pictures that do not fit into any of the "location categories" so this is the post for them!

We took the light rail from Minnehaha Falls to downtown Minneapolis. Along the way while waiting at the station we found some stuff to amuse us.

"Yank the Handle. Thanks"
Small Kindnesses Weather Permitting # 33

Pull the handle and a little movie/clip would appear along with music

"Go Ahead and Let it Snow"
Small Kindnesses Weather Permitting #31

Flip the little snow glob and snow would fall on the little man with some jazzy music to accompany it.

Played with our shadows, I heart having fun!

"On the board walk, we'll be having some fun, on the board walk"

We also had a wonderful burger at Tuggs Tavern while we were walking around.

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