Sunday, May 2, 2010

All in a Weekend

      My weekend was wonderful and consisted of lots of friends, laughter, good food, beautiful sites and gorgeous strolls.

My bestie and I went out to visit Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Art Institute Saturday morning. More will be said about this wonderful adventure in to Minneapolis and my first visit to the MIA! But of course a picture or two is in need at this moment.

Laughter in WI 

Later that evening my friend and I ventured to WI for a wonderful home made meal by our friend Emily.  The home was wonderful and gorgeous and the food was wonderful! We had a wonderful night of girl talk, followed by spoons and another game (that I don't remember the name of - opps).
Christina enjoying the wonderfulness that is the hammock. 

Emily (beautiful host and cook), me, and Lynnae my brave hammock buddy.
We all seem exuberantly happy here... or at least I do. I'm not sure why... maybe it masked the possibility of falling off the hammock.... 

Strolling in St. Paul

To celebrate curly locks birthday Tuesday we went to Cafe Latte in St. Paul 

Cafe Latte is a definate must for any Minnesotan. Such yummy food and right on Grand Avenue! Cafe Latte was even featured in Rachel Rays $30 a day Twin Cities episode. They always have wonderful yummy looking desserts in their display cases. 

Display case featuring several wonderful dessert options

I got the Tres Leches Cake & Curly Locks got the Bannana Brown Butter cake
After Cafe Latte's we went strolling down Grand Avenue and then headed to Summit Avenue. 
There of course has to be a photo shoot when we're together.  

**all pictures for better or for worse were taken by me**

What a wonderful weekend! Lots of friends, fun, laughter and good food. 
Also if you were counting... I knocked off TWO more items off the resolution list (it's invisible ya know). 
1. The Historic Hill District
2. Minneapolis Art Institute 

The Historic Hill District that consists of streets like Grand Avenue, and Summit Avenue

Grand Avenue as summed up by their website here:
Saint Paul, Minnesota, has a stretch of street that holds discoveries for visitors and residents alike. Rich in local character and tree-lined charm, Grand Avenue invites you to meander down its sidewalks and take in the historic and the hip, the small-town and the urbane, the engaging contradictions that are Grand Avenue.
It's a long meander: Grand Avenue spans 30 blocks from the Mississippi River to downtown Saint Paul, passing the halls of academia, old homes burnished more beautiful by time, service storefronts that make a neighborhood hum, and shops - lots of original shops - all with decidedly unmall-like appeal.

Summit Avenue also has a rich background of history due in part to their historic houses, churches, synagogues and schools. Many of the founding and rich Minnesotans lived and made history on Summit Avenue. 

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