Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Castle Oh me Oh my!

While I recently touched on my Washington trip (here and here) and the fact that I will be relatively close to Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles I was reminded how several months ago I researched a well known historical Minnesota family : The Congdon Family. 

The Congdon Family is well known or at least well known in Duluth especially and has a rich heritage. The Congdon Family owned at one time a mansion in Duluth, known as Glensheen. Over the years I have gone on countless tours of Glensheen, most recently less than a year ago and while on tour the guide mentioned that the Congdon family owns several homes, one of which is located in Yakima,WA. That's right my friend Yakima, WA. And the family still owns and visits this home, which is actually refered to as a Castle in Washington!

The downside... I will not be near Yakima and the home is not open to the public and is located off the road so it is rather hard to even glimpse.

But if I had longer in Washington and could do EVERYTHING I wanted to, which is quite a lot I would totally want to glimpse this - if it were possible!

Below for your viewing pleasure two of the few pictures I could find of the Congdon Castle.

And a few other pictures if you would like.

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