Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend in Rewind

Alice in Wonderland - Through the Looking Glass
The movie was pretty good. It may only be PG but it is NOT a movie for children. I was suprised how many children were there, and the theater was PACKED! I thought everything looked gorgeous! This movie would have been wonderful in 3D. I am considering going to see it again in 3D because I think it would we even better in 3D!

Today went grocery shopping after church. Note to self... not a good time to go grocery shopping. But it always seem so convenient. I picked up some avocado spring rolls for lunch and made a bit of stir fry to go with it. It was SO yummy!
Supper was wonderful as well. A spinach salad with chicken, mandarin oranges, veggies and some sesame ginger salad dressing. So yummy. It's very similar to the salad I eat at work most days. But not quite as good as I don't have the fabulous salad bar at home and the wonderful homemade dressing.

Happy Monday to you all tomorrow!

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